QuantH Medical Blockchain project

QuantH leading the path toward Blockchain-based medical records secure storage and sharing implementation of a patient controlled, blockchain-based system for clinical record maintenance and sharing.

Ethereum Platform

Decentralized Platform for Tokens and Smart Contracts

Our Core

What is QuantH Coin?

QuantH Coin is an Ethereum based Token for use in development of Medical Blockchain Technology which enables secure encryption data sharing (Health Information Data Exchange) via a distributed ledger, multisig key blockchain platform that will integrate with EHR/EMR practice software currently in use by most medical practices.

Investors can use QuantH services to store medical records and can trade the tokens listed on https://etherdelta.com/#0xbbc7b05e8b4b5fc4e2de3dd9eee044d44bba9f5d-ETH the exchange.


Quantum Medical Transport, Inc. an early stage software development and data management company focused upon medical blockchain technology.

Implementation of the QuantH Blockchain Solution

To implement a blockchain-based healthcare record system, EHRs and other record keeping systems would encrypt and send a transaction containing patient care documents – encounter notes, prescriptions, family histories, etc. – into the public healthcare blockchain. The transaction would include a digital signature from the contributor to trace provenance and the patient’s blockchain ID as the recipient of the transaction.

After the documents are stored in the blockchain, patients would use a web-based or mobile application to view their blockchain contents and to grant or revoke access to specific parties via their private key.

Our Goal

We bring together the full spectrum of the medical records management eco system

The ultimate goal of QuantH is to be the all-in-one solution and offer a wide array of medical decentralized blockchain data management services.

Our clients – both corporate and private ones – will access all the services they need from a single platform. Blockchain technology gives us the chance to make medical records data more secure, accessible and transferable through the private key of the asset owner.

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Token Sale

How to Buy Our Tokens

The following address is for the QuantH (QHT) token purchase. We accept Bitcoin, ETH and Fiat currency. Click Buy button to participate now. 50% discount still being offered.

In order to purchase coins (tokens) purchaser must have an ethereum based wallet to receive and purchase. If you are new to token purchasing and do not have a wallet, we recommend going through https://www.coinbase.com then create a wallet which will generate a public address that will allow you to purchase, receive and send tokens. You must fund your wallet in order to make purchases. Buy Now: https://etherdelta.com/#0xbbc7b05e8b4b5fc4e2de3dd9eee044d44bba9f5d-ETH

Our tokens are tracked on Etherscan.io link: https://etherscan.io/token/0xbbc7b05e8b4b5fc4e2de3dd9eee044d44bba9f5d

Token Structure

How to Buy Our Tokens

Our clients – both corporate and private ones – will access all the services they need from a single platform. Blockchain technology gives us the chance to make your finances grow faster and give better returns. We are offering 100 Million tokens to raise $50 Million USD. 



  • 75% Distributed to Community
  • 13% Reserved Funding
  • 9% Founders and Team
  • 2% Advisors
  • 1% "Bounty" campaign

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